Hardwood Maintenance

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Caring for Your Hardwood Floor Matters

When it comes to hardwood floors, it is a unique, special and durable floor that has few like it.  Along with the unique qualities of these wood floors come guidelines for maintenance that will extend the life of that wood floor and maintain that classic, finished look.

Part of what to know about hardwood care is what not to do, which can be almost as important with hardwood maintenance as what is done.  The most important point (this can't be stressed enough!), is to avoid using water on your hardwood floors.  This even includes using cleaners that are mixes that include using water.

It is also important to avoid cleaners that can have damaging properties, like cleaners containing lemon oil or ammonia which can damage hardwood.  In some cases using harmful materials that damage your floor can create a loss of warranty coverage.

For removing spills and or cleaning, using suggested wood cleaners - the manufacturer will have a suggested list, and cloth like materials is advised.  Keeping pet nails trimmed, and protecting from peak sun are also good suggestions to maintain the look and health of the floor.

Hardwood care isn't nearly as difficult some may suggest.  If it sounds like hardwood maintenance is more about what not to do than it is what to do, that is partly correct.  Hardwood floors are tough and durable, so avoiding marring or scarring these floors is one half of the battle.  This is why using a dehumidifier is also suggested, to prevent any potential moisture damage.

It is true, there isn't another floor quite like hardwood.  It is also true, if you take care of it, it will likely be the only floor you'll ever want, or need.  The lack and failure of being aware of the do's and do not's of hardwood care can be costly, and it is much easier to prevent then repair.  The lesson - take care of your hardwood floor and it will take care of you.

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