Carpet Maintenance

Information on how to properly care for your carpet.

How to Take Care of Your Carpet

Choosing the right carpet for your home makes for a warmer and softer surface to walk on and can add a pop of color to a room. If you have a business, carpeting can also make for a comfortable experience for your customers and add to the environment. When it comes down to the beauty of your home and the aesthetics and cleanliness of your business, properly taking care of your carpet is important. You need to stick to a carpet maintenance plan: even if your carpet doesn't appear dirty and doesn't smell bad thanks to the fibers and loop pile construction used in modern carpeting, it's still a good idea to regularly clean it. Here's a thorough carpet maintenance plan that should ensure a clean carpet over time:


High-traffic areas of your home or business like hallways and foyers should be vacuumed at least twice per week. Rooms that don't see a lot of foot traffic such as a guest room can be vacuumed just once a week. Vacuums with beater bars or rotating brushes that can reach all the way to the carpet backing are the best kind to use for deep-cleaning. However, if you have carpeting with a thick loop pile such as wool, brush attachments can be abrasive on the surface and cause pulls or fuzziness. In that case, you should use a suction-only vacuum or an adjustable brush that won't pull too hard on the pile.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Vacuuming is great for surface dirt and detritus, but professional deep cleaning is utmost for long-term carpet maintenance. Most carpet warranties will require professional carpet cleaning as part of your maintenance plan. Depending on the style of carpet you have and its fiber content, hot water extraction may be ideal or your professional may have to do deep-cleaning only. You should have your carpet care professional take care of your carpet once every 18-24 months to keep your carpet looking great and your warranty valid. In addition to getting what the vacuum misses, professional cleaning will rejuvenate the fibers and the professional will know what materials to use on synthetic and natural fibers.

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